“Girl power” is the mantra of StrongSelves, a personal training studio in Myrtle Beach tailored exclusively for female clients only.

Open since March 2021 at Magnolia Row, StrongSelves offers exceptional service in the surroundings of an ultra-private fitness studio. In other words, there are no members walking around in a crowded gym. You book a coach and the entire studio space is all to yourself when you work out here.

“I loved the [Magnolia Row] plaza because it’s so well designed and maintained, it’s so clean looking, and it’s just pleasant to be a part of such a stylish space,” says Viktoria Voronina, founder of StrongSelves Studio. “I literally drove by it one day, walked in, and signed the lease.” 

The team of certified personal trainers at StrongSelves fitness studio understands that every woman is unique, with individual fitness goals, lifestyles, preferences, and fitness levels. A periodized fitness plan is created specific to each client, which includes guidance, support, and motivation throughout each fitness journey for the best results possible in the end.

Training services cover a wide range of exercises, including cardio, strength training, balance, mobility training, and more. Clients can choose the exercises they enjoy the most, along with the guidance of the trainer.

“Our motto is ‘Sweat in Style’ because we are not your average gym,” says Voronina, a Ukrainian certified trainer and nutritionist since 2016. “We light up candles, turn on our neon lights, and then we start a workout. We are certified nutrition coaches, as well as mindset coaches, so you get a full circle growth experience.”