Precious Paws

Precious Paws is an upscale pet boutique that caters to those cat and dog fur babies of yours! Since 2019, they have provided pet owners a wide variety of healthy food, natural treats, handmade items, homeopathic remedies, supplements, and other unique items you won’t find at the big-box pet stores. 

As an upscale pet boutique, Precious Paws feels right at home within Magnolia Row. In addition to being known for their exclusive, one-of-a-kind inventory, they are also the go-to place for doggy birthdays! Shop here for birthday clothes, bandanas, cookies, “pupcakes,” shelf stable cakes (will be harder), frozen cakes (will be softer when thawed), bake-it-yourself cake kits, gelato, treats, and more.

Note: Precious Paws does not offer grooming services. 

Precious Paws, where pets are welcome and “hoomans” are tolerated.